We ate 26 energy products in one go and this is what happened

We tried everything in the Clif Bar range in a single sitting

BikeRadar is known for its comprehensive, authoritative testing, and that’s why we decided to try every product in the Clif Bar range in a single sitting. The things we do for you.


Clif’s UK distributor Extra sent us one of everything in the range and, in total, we tasted 26 different Clif products. 

If that sounds like a terrible idea, you’re not completely wrong, but rest assured we only sampled a tiny amount of each product.

These included the standard energy bars, gels, protein bars and Bloks, which are small cubes of chewable energy, not unlike normal sweets.

This wasn’t in any way a scientific test but rather an opportunity to give you live, unfiltered impressions of the product and, hopefully, entertain you along the way. 

We should also note that this video was not in any way sponsored. We’re immensely grateful to Extra for supplying the product, but neither it nor Clif itself had any input on the content of this video.

Clif Bar taste test: the results are in

You’ll need to watch the video for full tasting notes, but here are some key takeaways from this unique experience.

1. The old favourites are the best

Our favourites in the range were the more conventional, simple flavours of the bars, such as peanut butter, and we greatly preferred the straightforward fruit options for the gels and Bloks.

2. Clif makes some good stuff

Energy products can be pretty awful, but the nicer options in the Clif range actually taste like real food and we’d happily take them on our rides.

3. You shouldn’t eat 26 energy products in a single sitting

Even trying very small amounts of each product did prove a bit of a gastric challenge. We got on well with the bars, but the caffeine content of some of the Bloks and gels certainly took its toll. 

Both Jack and I spent the rest of the day feeling jittery and anxious, and not just because we were pushing back the boundaries of Western art with this content.


We hope you enjoy the video and please do let us know what brand you’d like us to try next.