Cycology studio tour: behind the scenes of the unique cycling T-shirt brand

We visit the headquarters of the Sydney-based casual apparel designers

Cycology is a brand still in its infancy, but in a short time it has grown a loyal following for its unique hand-drawn designs and comfortable bike-themed T-shirts. Show up to any cycle event in Australia, and you’re almost guaranteed to see someone wearing one of the company’s recognisable designs.


The people behind this artistically styled, casual cycle wear brand are husband and wife team Sarina and Michael – Sarina is the artist and Michael takes care of the business operations. We spoke with them both at their studio in Sydney’s Northern Beaches about where the business is, where it’s going and what drives its creativity.

It’s easy to see this business is founded on passion. Michael explains: “Currently we are a small brand with direct connection to our end customer, and that’s how I’d love it to stay. We love our jobs and it’s not something I want to change (as Sarina suggests she’d rather be riding).”

The studio definitely has an artistic and creative vibe. Every surface in the open room has been hand painted or detailed, and pieces of Sarina’s artwork are  everywhere. We also spotted handmade recycled bike tyre stools and scrapbooks.

Personalized thank you cards isn’t something you see often when shopping, enjoy your shirts luc! :
David Rome/Future Publishing

Cycology like being small – personalised thank you cards from the owner are proof

“We now have forty T-shirt options and will continue to offer more. What’s been a real surprise for us is the huge demand from Europe – we’re just a small Sydney based company!”

Sarina explains that she designs things that interest her: “That may be a road cycling design, mountain bike design or one for the triathlete. I’m always thinking of the next design.”

As Cycology is an online business, Michael understands the challenges and opportunities faced: “We use our social media network to decide on new designs, it’s fantastic being able to involve our customers in the design process, something that you just can’t do offline. But obviously, it’s hard to get the quality message across online – that has come with word of mouth.”

The cyclogy studio, offices and distribution centre is small but full of creativity and passion:
David Rome/Future Publishing

Casual T-shirt’s remain Cycology’s focus – but it will be offering other apparel pieces

What’s next for Cycology? “We don’t want to stray far from what we currently do,” says Michael. “We’re soon going to offer a small range of hoodies, jackets and hats – it’s all stuff our customers have been asking for and we’re now in a position to offer it.

“We will bring our designs onto the bike, quality has been the challenge and we’ll only sell something if we’d happily use it ourselves.”


Check out the gallery for a look around the studio, as well as a showcase of some of the designs that have seen Cycology make such a fast rise in popularity. Find out more about Cycology on their website.