Cytech Road Performance Space chamois

Sponsored post: high-tech chamois for long-distance rides

Road Performance Space is a high-tech chamois from Cytech, and is designed for extra-long distance rides,


Watch the video below to find out why it represents the latest in chamois technology.

Elastic interface road performance space chamois

Video: Elastic Interface Road Performance Space chamois

Road Performance Space spec details

The Road Performance Space chamois has a multi-directional curvature that delivers perfect fit and great stability in the saddle.

In addition to the special ultra-high density perineal inserts, it also features proper ischiatic support that comes in handy for riders who take on a more upright  position in saddle.


A specific study on how genitals move during cycling inspired the development of a special ‘encased’ shaping in the top part of the chamois, which allows for improved fit and greater privacy.