Danny MacAskill’s 10 essential pieces of kit

What the Scottish street trials star packs for his road trips

To shoot his latest video, Way Back Home, street trials star Danny MacAskill went on a road trip across Scotland with film-makers Dave Sowerby and Mark Huskisson. The campervan they travelled in became a second home, with room for all Danny’s bikes and gear.


“I can’t believe how attached I’ve become to that campervan,” he tells Mountain Biking UK magazine, in an interview in the new issue (MBUK260, February 2011). It’s possibly the best thing that’s ever happened to me!

“Travelling around all summer with Dave and Mark was awesome. It provided the perfect base for riding on location in the middle of nowhere at sunrise… or to have 25 people crammed in the back for a party every night!”

Below, the Red Bull sponsored athlete reveals the 10 essentials that he throws into the campervan each time he heads off on another roadtrip into the unknown… (click on the image to view a larger version)

Danny MacAskill’s essentials

1 Inspired trials bike

“This bike suits me down to the ground. It takes anything I throw at it. I run an extra-long cable on the rear brake and run the front brake cable through the steerer tube so I can do tailwhips. The frame and forks are Inspired, the wheels are 24in Atomlab rims on Hope hubs. It has a Shimano Saint front brake and cranks, and a hydraulic rear rim brake. I run DMR Moto RT tyres, and DMR Moto Digger tyres for when things get muddy.”

2 Camper van

“My number one. I lived in it for the whole of last summer – it’s like driving around in your kitchen/bedroom/disco.”

3 POC Joint VPD knee pads

“These are awesome. They’re really flexible and I’ve put them to full use these last few months. I owe them a lot.”

4 Dig Deep clothing

“It keeps me warm and comfortable, and the hoody is excellent for keeping the Skye midges off my skin!”

5 Red Bull POC Receptor Flow helmet

“I don’t seem to be able to stay on my bike, so this always gets a lot of use.”

6 FiveTen shoes

“Good for stomping in the dirt on take-off ramps, and they keep my feet stuck to my pedals.”

7 Disco ball and Famous Grouse whisky

“Van staples. The two go hand in hand.”

8 Foldable shovel

“It’s army surplus. I find it essential for cleaning up run-ins when the ground is rough.”

9 Orange Five and 224 DH bikes

“Mountain biking is the only thing I love doing other than riding my trials bike, so these bikes come with me on the road. They’re ideal for zooming up and down hills.”

10 Crash mats


“They come everywhere with me. Pretty useful when you’re trying stuff out for the first time.”