Drew Bezanson takes BMX to Uncontainable heights

You'll never look at shipping containers the same way again

Take a whole lot of shipping containers, several big cranes, and add one BMX rider on a mission to feel fear – the result is Uncontainable.


Drew Bezanson’s latest film, produced with RedBull, takes his riding to whole new heights, quite literally. The Canadian BMXer has a name for dropping in higher and harder than anyone, and Uncontainable is the result of his quest. With no ramp in existence big enough to challenge him, Bezanson set about creating a behemoth with the aid of renowned ramp builder Nate Wessel and his team.

“My goal on this project was to ride stuff that would really scare me. To push my personal limits on a bike and to ride stuff I would never get the opportunity to ride unless it was built,” Bezanson said.

Constructed from versatile shipping containers, which allow endless configurations like building blocks for grown-ups, the ramps, jumps and obstacles created make for enthralling, if somewhat nail biting viewing. 


Warning – not for those with a fear of heights.