eBay watch list: a Cannondale track bike, an affordable tandem and a retro Toyota

5 of the best bargains and weirdest things we've spotted on eBay this week

I’m pleased to present to you the triumphant return of eBay watch list, BikeRadar’s irregular roundup of the best and worst cycling gear that everyone’s favourite online auction platform has to offer.


From a retro-ish Cannondale track frameset to a £10,000 Rapha jersey, this edition has it all.

The perfect fixie skid wagon

I love a retro Cannondale track bike

I have a soft spot for vintage Cannondale track frames and this handsome CAAD 5-era model has won a place in my heart.

This particularly example, sold by supersonicvlad (which might just be one of the best eBay usernames going), is in well used condition, but appears to be structurally sound.

I reckon this is a prime candidate for a rad flat bar fixed gear skid wagon.

A former bike of the year

The CAAD 12 was once crowned our bike of the year

Continuing with the alloy Cannondale theme, we have this 2017 Cannondale CAAD 12 — the very bike that won the 2016 edition of Bike of the Year.

This particular Ultegra build is in excellent condition overall and is priced keenly at just £880.

A distinctly affordable tandem

An affordable way to speeding up your breakup or growing bonds

Ever keen to push my aggressive pro-tandem agenda, I present to you this Thorn Explorer tandem.

Thorn — now a subsidy of the internationally renowned SJS Cycles — produces a line of practical, affordable and adaptable touring bikes and tandems.

The Explorer was one of its entry level models and this particular example, currently listed for just £450, would suit any daring couple or solid friendship looking to take things to the next level.

As a commenter once quipped: “no matter what direction your relationship is going in, a tandem will get you there quicker.”

A £10,000 Rapha jersey

How has this £10k jersey not sold yet?

Looking back at previous editions of eBay watch list, I stumbled on an article I wrote about this limited edition Rapha / Paul Smith jersey that was listed for a truly remarkable £10,000.

One year on and the jersey still hasn’t sold! I can’t possibly imagine why…

An incomparably (sort of) cool bike swagon

Incredibly niche, incredibly cool

So, you want comfort and carrying capacity for bikes but just have to be different? I humbly present this imported Toyota Corolla Dignis 4×4 estate, 1.6 litres of gentle Japanese waft wagon.

Yours for just £1,399 (or perhaps less if bidding goes in your favour), this pearlescent unicorn offers an enviable spec with all the mod-cons a middle-class JDM family could have desired back in 1997.

Better yet, it’s AWD, so you won’t get stuck on that 30 yards of slightly damp fireroad you need to conquer on the weekend, when it turns out the trail centre car park is full.

This particular car actually has an impressively horror-free MOT according to the government site, and a little internet sleuthing reveals that it’s been lovingly cared for by at least one Toyota disciple in the past.

What could possibly go wrong?