eBay watch list: a recumbent tandem trike, 250 used bikes and a £9.5k Trek Madone

The best and weirdest cycling stuff we've found on eBay this week

Catering to the cycling community’s curious obsession with the world’s biggest online auction site, we’ve put together this regular feature, highlighting some of the very best bargains and oddities we’ve spotted on eBay this week.


From a recumbent tandem trike to a sick Subaru Brat, we’ve got something to cater to even the most eclectic of tastes in this week’s edition of eBay watch list.

250 mixed bicycles

Anything is possible when you have 250 Dutch bikes in your life

Fancy starting your very own bike shop, cycling charity or upsetting your other half? This job lot of 250 bikes is probably a good place to start if any of those are your goal.

A cursory glance at the bikes seems to suggest that most of them are well equipped Dutch-style city bikes — not surprising given the seller is based in Cambridge, where this type of bike is staggeringly popular.

The seller — who appears to specialize in second-hand bike gear — stresses that all of the bikes need work to get them in good running order, but that doesn’t stop us feeling as though £10,000 is still a bargain.

2017 Trek Madone Project 1 Race Shop Limited

You really couldn’t ask for a much nicer build

For almost the same price as 250 second hand Dutch bikes, you could bag yourself this incredibly lush looking Trek Madone.

Built around a SRAM Red eTap groupset, Bontrager Aeolus wheels and that incredibly loud lime-green paint job, this is real dream-bike material.

The 52cm bike is reduced from the original £11,500 RRP and the seller is even accepting offers, so why not disappoint your family this Christmas and spend all of your money on this instead?

Greenspeed recumbent tandem trike

Who knew you could make a bike this weird?

Continuing with the green theme is this… recumbent tandem trike?

Fitting more nicheness into one bike than we actually thought possible, this unique trike is about as long as a small family car and costs almost as much as one too.

Maybe if you can find a friend that is really open minded, you can share the cost and look uncool together?

Reynolds ATR carbon gravel wheelset

These wheels are a steal at £650

These ex-demo Reynolds wheels look like an absolutely amazing deal at only £650.

The wheels — which are being sold by Reynolds’ UK distributor Upgrade — are said to have covered only 500km and are in perfect working order.

And at 1,535g they’re bound to drop a not insignificant chunk of weight from your go-fast off-road wagon.

1994 Subaru 284 MV Brat pickup

Imagine the places you could go and the fun you could have in this rad wagon

There aren’t many motors that would burble their way into a trail centre car park with quite as much presence as this one.

In the UK, at least, you just don’t see pick-ups like this charming little Subaru any longer. We aren’t particularly convinced by the mileage, nor the Rover 75 front seats, but its rugged looks, legendary reliability and dinky steel wheels mean it sure is a bit of us.

This particular Brat is said to be in perfect working order

We are glad it is making big figures already because it’s less than an hour from the BikeRadar office and — being honest — we’ve got enough rusty metal at home.