Effetto Mariposa heals all the punctures and protects your frame

Sealant additive and Shelter film for 2018

This video was produced in association with Effetto Mariposa.


Bike accessory maker Effetto Mariposa has upped the ante on its puncture protection and added to its range of protective stickers for frames and parts.

Despite the name, Vitamina CL isn’t to be eaten — it’s a powder additive for Effetto’s Caffélatex tubeless tyre sealant, which allows considerably larger punctures to be healed and seals small holes quicker than before. 

The brand has also added to its Shelter range of protective stickers with a new custom option. Sold in A4-sized sheets, the new adhesive film can be cut into any shape you like to fit frames and components. 


Watch our video for a quick explainer on the new products from Alberto of Effetto Mariposa. 

Effetto Mariposa has launched a sealant additive and some new frame protection for 2018