Elite Real Turbo Muin – video

Sponsored post: Elite's new online, direct drive fluid trainer

Last year Elite launched its first direct drive turbo trainer with fluid resistance to give a smooth, quiet indoor ride. For 2015, the turbo specialist has launched a new flagship machine – the Elite Real Turbo Muin – that adds electromagnetic resistance and compatibility with Real software to the mix.


Elite’s Real software allows riders, via ANT+, to take on video courses while also adding online play. The electromagnetic resistance means automatic changes in resistance to match the difficulty of the course profile being ridden, with the Real Turbo Muin being capable of emulating gradients of up to 18 per cent.

Check out the video below for the full scoop on the Elite Real Turbo Muin.


Real Turbo Muin tech specs

The technical features of the Real Turbo Muin make it a professional instrument for indoor cycling training:

  • Internal flywheel for smooth pedalling to better reproduce road conditions during all types of training
  • Progressive resistance automatically increases with speed
  • High power output: ideal for cadence-based, power and sprint training sessions
  • The range of power output (more than 550 Watt at 15 Km/h, for example) will generate slopes of up to approx 18 percent
  • Very stable frame that folds up when not in use
  • Suitable for road and mountain bikes
  • Compatible with 9- 10- and 11-speed Shimano cassettes
  • Dual resistance technology