Enduro Bearings launches slick fork seal driver and next-gen seals

Modular tool design and seals that last twice as long

This video was produced in association with Enduro Bearings.


Component specialist Enduro Bearings showed off a new fork seal installation tool and next-generation two-part fork seals at this year’s Interbike show.

The seal driver is modular and uses fewer component parts to cater to a variety of different forks. It’s also hollow so there’s less weight to lug around. 

Enduro’s latest seal design uses a two-part design with a silicone lower section impregnated with molybdenum disulfide, and a polyurethane upper section. 


Watch our video for all the details on Enduro’s new products, plus an insight into the machining required to produce top quality components.

Enduro Bearings has a shiny new tool and some next generation fork seals to show off