Even if you hate e-bikes you will want one after watching this

Specialized goes off the rails again

BikeRadar is not an industry news site, but I can’t help noticing that Specialized’s marketing department is absolutely killing it right now.


The brand set the bar pretty high with its Stumpjumper launch video back in April, and it’s done it again with the new Turbo Levo e-MTB.

Even if you hate e-bikes and everything they stand for (I don’t), it’s hard not be entertained by this flight of fancy.

It’s wacky in a way that doesn’t feel forced and corporate, and it succeeds in conveying a sense of fun that feels remarkably authentic.


The Turbo Levo is pitched with the slogan “It’s you, only faster”, which sounds like a pretty good design philosophy for an e-bike. Are you intrigued?

Specialized’s latest ads are enjoyable whether you care about the bike or not