Fix your Facebook news feed with more BikeRadar

Bikes should come first, not family

The giant repository of other people’s holiday photos and angry political rants that is Facebook loves to tweak its user experience, and lately that’s been impacting on the amount of content you see in your news feed from your favourite bicycle website, BikeRadar. (Other websites are available. Shhh.)


Luckily, you can customise your news feed, and I’m going to explain precisely how.

First, make sure you already like and follow BikeRadar. I mean, you do like us, right?

Next, (on desktop) click the tiny dropdown arrow at the top right of the page on Facebook, and select ‘News Feed Preferences’ (step 1)
BikeRadar / Facebook
In the Preferences box, select the option labelled ‘Prioritize who to see’ (step 2)
BikeRadar / Facebook
Find BikeRadar in your list of friends and pages, and go ahead and give us a good old click (step 3)
BikeRadar / Facebook

You’ll know you’ve done it right when a blue circle with a white star in it appears at the top right of our profile pic and the phrase “See first” appears in blue below. 

The process is very similar on iOS and Android, with the relevant settings appearing under News Feed Preferences.

There you have it! Now you’ll get the best of BikeRadar front and centre, right where it should be.


If you’re not a Facebook-ista, you can keep up to date with the latest and greatest from BikeRadar on Twitter and Instagram. Thank us later!