Friday Five-a-side: this week’s best new bike gear 04/04/14

Featuring Specialized, Shimano, Wilier, Look and more

It’s the end of another working week – and time to show you the recent arrivals at the BikeRadar office that we’ll be reviewing in the coming weeks and months. Take a look at some of the most interesting mountain and road products to come our way in the past few days.


New road bike gear

Bar Fly for fi’zi:k Garmin computer mount

Bar Fly’s most specialised design to date works only with fi’zi:k stems but it’s also the cleanest option we’ve seen – from any company – for attaching a Garmin Edge computer to your bike. This latest Bar Fly model uses the same two-position quarter-turn interface as the company’s other mounts, but instead of clamping around the bar, the fi’zi:k version secures with a custom T-nut and bolt that’s ultra-secure, easily adjustable for angle, and nearly invisible.

Bar Fly's new fi'zi:k-specific mount is ultra-sleek
Bar fly’s new fi’zi:k-specific mount is ultra-sleek:
James Huang/Future Publishing

US$29.95 / £29.95 / €29.95

Fix It Sticks Replaceables

The idea behind the original Fix It Sticks is as simple as they look: two ‘sticks’ with tool bits at either end that can be joined together to form a ‘T’ for leverage. The elegant, lightweight, and supremely compact concept was a huge hit on Kickstarter and the new Replaceables version is well on track to exceeding its fundraising goal by three-fold.