Gallery: Sea Otter 2017 suspension

Refinement, a new brand, and some ways to keep that old rig running

Sea Otter is the first big bike event of the year in the United States, it’s where brands and consumers can shake off the winter doldrums and get excited for the rapidly approaching riding season. 


Like most bicycle technology, the theme of refinement can be found within most of this year’s suspension offerings. In addition to smoother strokes, lighter weight, and more controlled damping, a few standouts were on display such as Manitou’s Markhor, which is designed to be compatible with standards that many have consigned to history, Push Industries’ collaboration with Niner, and NitroShox’ unique military-derived suspension damping. 


A new fork or rear shock is a surefire way to breathe some new life and wring out a bit more performance from your current bike. Here’s a gallery of some of the latest and greatest from Sea Otter 2017.