Hovding: the airbag for cyclists – video

We get an up-close look at the self-deploying cycling airbag

Cycling safety is always a hot topic, but Swedish brand Hovding thinks it’s cracked it (no pun intended) with its automatically deployed cycling airbag.


The Hovding 2.0 is a collar that zips closed around your neck and deploys a protective, helium-filled cocoon around your head and neck within a tenth of a second in the event of an accident.

We caught up with Hovding UK at Bristol’s Mud Dock to find out more about the airbag for cyclists.


Marketed purely at urban cyclists and commuters, Hovding simulated typical crash scenarios to tune accelerometers to know when a crash has occurred. False positives can happen though, and there are plenty of slow-motion falls that could cause inflation when it’s not needed.

Such scenarios highlight the obvious downside – cost. While £250 is a small price to pay to save your life, it’s expensive in those cases when your pride suffers more than anything else. Existing customers can get a replacement for £100, but it’s still costly.

On the other hand, research from Swedish insurance company Folksam judged the Hovding to have three times the shock absorption of a regular cycle helmet.


Find out more about the Hovding at www.hovding.com.