How not to ride a 24 hour winter MTB race

BikeRadar cracks at the Kielder Chiller 24

The Kielder Chiller 24 is a 24 hour MTB race that takes place in Northumberland’s Kielder Forest. BikeRadar sent a team of four intrepid riders to take it on, and it didn’t go well.


Staffers Joe, Reuben, and Jack were joined by Tom Wragg of Ruby the trail dog fame, forming a quad team that rode the event as a relay. 

The weather in the north of England in February is challenging at the best of times, but our heroic quartet got more than they bargained for, facing freezing and relentlessly wet conditions. 


Watch our video to find out how they got on, and what they learned from this (predictably) harrowing experience.

Find out how our intrepid quartet fared at this aptly named race