How to make a chain hook

An old spoke can be your best friend when working on your chain

There’s nothing more infuriating than trying to split and reconnect a chain when under tension. More than likely, the ends of the chain will slither through the derailleur and roll off the chainrings, cueing much swearing as you have to thread it through again.



Fortunately, there’s a really simple hack that makes working on your chain a joy. All you’ll need is an old spoke and a pair of pliers – as Joe shows you in the above video. Once bent into shape, you can hook your chain tensioner through the links, making it easy to access your chain without it trying to escape you.

To make your own chain tensioner, follow these simple steps

  1. Find an old spoke
  2. Using pliers or a wire cutters, clip it to about five inches (12cm)
  3. Bend each end of the spoke just past 90 degrees
  4. Enjoy working on your chain stress free

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