Inside: Pactimo custom clothing

Colorado-based, China-made, globally focused

A small Colorado flag tag is stitched into every Pactimo item, a little reminder of the brand’s home base. Since 2003, the brand has cranked out more than a million pieces of clothing — mostly custom — for customers around the world from its wholly owned factory in China. But the varied and beautiful terrain of the Rocky Mountain state is something Pactimo markets as part of its identity.


“We do most of our testing here in Colorado, both with staff riders and pros like Alison Powers,” said Pactimo spokesman Joshua Cook. “We have such a dynamic and wide range of temperatures and conditions here, from blazing-hot summers to getting snowed and hailed on at 10,000 feet (3,000m). If the clothing works well here, we are confident it will work well anywhere.”

Pactimo’s main office is just outside Denver, Colorado, and about 18 people work for the company, which ships across the US, the UK and in Germany.

The summit jersey and new breckenridge w-xd vest:
Ben Delaney/Future Publishing

Pactimo prides itself on keeping its clothing prices relatively accessible

While a few companies, such as Rapha and Assos, continue to outdo each other for the most expensive clothing pieces, Pactimo takes another tack: “approachable” is how Cook described the pricing.

“Our customers are doing two or three rides a week. We know a lot of folks are having families, which puts a little pinch on the pocketbook. We want to bring quality clothing down to an attainable price,” Cook said.

While custom clothes for clubs and teams are Pactimo’s core business — the company claims a five-week turnaround on custom delivery — Pactimo is also branching out into stock clothing featuring the graphics of artists, and jerseys with US state themes. The Colorado Topo jersey launched this summer, and nearly sold out the first day, Cook said. “This is probably our identifying piece. It is so core to who we are, as the topography more than anything identifies who we are as a state.”

Pactimo is also making running shirts and mountain bike jerseys:
Ben Delaney/Future Publishing

Pactimo’s signature Colorado Topo shirt