Inside: Specialized Bicycle Components

A look inside the California headquarters of the big red 'S'

With more than forty years of history under its belt – in the same location – it’s no surprise that there’s a lot to see inside Specialized’s headquarters in Morgan Hill, California. The company has grown incredibly since those early days of founder Mike Sinyard peddling his imported Italian fares to local shops by bicycle, but it’s clear when walking through the halls that Specialized hasn’t forgotten its rich history.

Specialized has quite the long history:

Specialized is no new kid on the block

One of the most interesting aspects is the number of concept bikes displayed in various rooms and byways. Despite already having one of the deepest and broadest ranges of any bike company, Specialized’s designers and engineers produce countless bespoke machines that serve purely as creative exercises with usually no plans for production. Not surprisingly, there are plenty of one-off paint jobs, too.

The chrome logos are a nice touch:

Like what you see? Sorry, it’s a one-off paint sample

One of the company’s more recent developments was the opening of its own in-house wind tunnel. According to Specialized, the custom force balance is purpose-built for the smaller forces generated by bikes and riders, while the generously sized test chamber is big enough for an entire leadout train. Athletes pay regular visits here to refine their positions but Specialized product developers also now have the luxury of essentially unlimited tunnel time – all without the usual US$1,000/hour price tag.


But enough of the yip-yapping from us. Click through the gallery and see for yourself what lies within.

These townie concepts are achingly cute. note the flip-down mini-bar at the back, too: