Interbike goes electric: the best e-bikes from this year’s show

A gallery of the battery-powered two wheelers

Like mountain bikes in the 1990s, the current state of the bicycle industry is like the wild west when it comes to electric bikes. Within the battery-powered realm, all styles and niches could be peeped throughout the halls and booths of Interbike: road, mountain, hybrid, urban, folding, fat, cargo, cruisers, kids, you name it. 

Vintage Electric makes a range of stylish e-bikes that reach back to mid-20th century motorcycles
Vintage Electric makes a range of stylish e-bikes that reach back to mid 20th century motorcycles
Russell Eich / Immediate Media

Retro and stylish

A fine-looking and useful implementation of electric power are the classic motorcycle-inspired e-bikes. They avoid the sometimes bulbous and tacked-on looks displayed by certain e-bikes through the use of swoopy, decorative frame tubes that hinting back towards their styling cues. 

These bikes rely more on their looks and vintage aesthetic, than on sheer performance or low weight. Along those perimeters, the seating position is typically low, with the pedals slung forward, built for cruising and easy rolling rather than speed.  

Cargo and utility

The other standout application of electric power on display at Interbike was cargo bikes. With a range of bags, kid seats, panniers and more, these unique bikes are aimed as viable alternatives to the daily car drive.