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Q: Any idea how I can get hold of Corratec Speedy 700x28c tyres?

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Q: Five years ago I bought a Corratec Shape Two from Citi Bikes in London. It has served me well as a touring bike but I have worn out the tyres and unfortunately, because of the frame clearances, only Corratec Speedy 700x28c tyres will fit. The problem with the tyres is their height not their width – the brake mounting tubes are so near the rims that the tyres have to be very ‘low rise’.


The Speedy tyres are a very low profile even though they are 28c. I want the bike for touring so I don’t want very narrow tyres (less than 28c) and I really want some tread.

There do not seem to be any Corratec dealers in the UK now, Corratec doesn’t answer my emails and its website is basically set up for Germany. Any idea how I can get hold of these tyres?

Barrie Lambert

A: The only place I’ve seen these tyres is on Corratec’s own website, which you say you’ve had no success with. I’m surprised that other 28mm tyres won’t fit, but if you have offered up different ones and found that they fouled the sidepull brake calliper, then you’ll have to use something thinner.

I know you say you don’t want to use anything less than 28mm, but it sounds like your Corratec Speedy tyres are only nominally that size in any case. If they sit no higher from the bead than a 25mm tyre, you’re not really losing any shock absorbency or rim protection by switching to a tyre that is 25mm in name as well as in fact.

Most tyres at this width are road bike training tyres, such as Michelin’s Krylion Carbon (a great choice for a fast hybrid or winter trainer) or Continental’s Ultra Gatorskin. But there are treaded touring tyres available: Schwalbe’s Marathon is now available in 700x25c, as is the near impregnable but heavy (and, in this width, tricky to fit) Schwalbe Marathon Plus. For more information, see


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