Louis Garneau’s X-Comfort Zone means happier feet

Expandable elastomer insert adapts to your feet

This video was produced in association with Louis Garneau.


Ill-fitting shoes are the bane of many a cyclist’s life, and shoe maker Louis Garneau wants to fix that. The brand’s 2018 shoe range makes use of what it calls ‘X-Comfort Zone’ technology to keep your feet happy on- or off-road.


The X-Comfort Zone is essentially an expandable elastomer insert in the upper of the shoe, which gives your feet room to expand and contract through the pedal stroke. 

It’s perfectly normal for your feet to splay outwards somewhat as you apply force to the pedals, but most shoes don’t make any allowance for that. 

X-Comfort Zone has the further benefit that a given size will work for a greater range of foot widths. 

Watch our video for the lowdown on X-Comfort Zone and an overview of some of the features of Louis Garneau’s high-end shoes.

Louis Garneau’s X-Comfort Zone is designed to keep your feet happy