BikeRadar Podcast | Making 2022 your best year on the bike

Goal-setting, training, trying something new and going for an adventure by bike: we're helping you make this the best year yet

Vicky Balfour

Want to make 2022 your best year on the bike? Over the course of this six-part series of the BikeRadar Podcast, we’re covering everything you need to thrive on two wheels, whether you’re a roadie, mountain biker, gravel rider – or all three.

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We’ll be discussing goal-setting, the benefits of trying something new, how to plan an adventure and plenty more, with the help of some guests along the way.

You can listen to the latest episode below.

Episode 6: How to get your bike fit for spring

In the last episode of our six-part series, we’re honing in on your beloved bike.

We discuss why you should give your bike some TLC – whether that’s your four-season dependable, a snazzy summer bike that’s been in hibernation, or something that’s been tucked away in the shed under a blanket waiting for some more sunshine.

We quiz mechanic Vicky Balfour on where to start when it comes to home mechanics, and why you should even consider it in the first place, together with’s deputy editor and serial bike tinkerer Jack Luke and host Katherine Moore.

A little mindful mechanics can not only unlock the performance potential of your bike, but also make sure that you get every last mile out of those all-too-scarce parts.

Episode 5: How to get fit without getting bamboozled

For episode five, we’ve roped in WorldTour pro and self-coached racer Lizzy Banks to chat all things training, from jargon-busting buzz-words to considering both the physical and mental side of getting fit.

Tune in to hear Lizzy divulge her golden rules of successful training, whether you really need a coach, and what to do with all that data.

Episode 4: Plan your own cycling adventure

Whether it’s a local overnighter, multi-day bikepacking trip, a week-long tour or a holiday in the latest cycling destination, taking on your own adventure on the bike is guaranteed to be a whole heap of fun!

We speak to expedition aficionados Vedangi Kulkarni, Robyn Furtado, Jack Luke and Katherine Moore, who each have their own preferred flavour of cycling adventure.

We find out why this kind of riding makes them tick, and how they’d suggest you get started if planning your own cycling adventure is on the cards in 2022.

Episode 3: Why you should join a cycling club this year

Joining a cycling club might seem like a daunting task, but the benefits to be gained go far beyond the draft effect of a peloton.

In episode three, we speak to a few keen club cyclists to find out why joining up could totally revolutionise your cycling life.

Host Katherine Moore is joined by Bristol South’s women’s officer Alice Thomson, Sonia Turcotte from London-based riding and racing club Velociposse and our own digital writer Jack Evans, representing Birmingham’s bike shop and cafe club Gorilla Coffee Cycling.

We meet Bristol South Cycling Club’s women’s officer Alice Thomson and others in episode three.
Alice Thomson / Bristol South

Episode 2: Mix it up! Why trying something completely new is a good idea

In our second episode of this six-part series, we speak to enduro turned gravel racer Liz Greaves and our technical editor in chief Robin Weaver, who’s taken to drop-bar riding in recent years following decades of mountain bike racing and testing. 

The episode is hosted by Katherine Moore, a rider more at home on a gravel bike, now working on her mountain bike skills.

Enduro racer Liz Greaves has been switching it up to try something new.
John Arthur

Liz explains how she conquered Gritfest, a gravel race in mid-Wales’ Cambrian Mountains, while Robin tells us how his road and gravel hobby helps him switch off from the day job while improving his mountain biking.

We’ll try to encourage you to dabble in a new discipline, and do so without burning a hole in your wallet.

Episode 1: How to pick a goal and then make it happen

In our first episode of this six-part series, we speak with adventure enthusiast and life coach Jo Lee about why even setting a goal in the first place is a really good idea, and some important steps to take to help you achieve it.

Host Katherine Moore also discusses 2022 ambitions with Shuhena Islam, an advocate for getting more women and Muslim riders on bikes, as well as catching up with BikeRadar’s video manager, Felix Smith.

Shuhena has some challenging goals set for the season ahead.

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