Martyn Ashton’s an inspiration and here’s why…

MBUK magazine goes riding with biking legend who's back and as motivated as ever

“We can all tell a sad story, but focusing on the negative elements is dangerous because it’ll shape the decisions we make. We can only benefit from telling positive stories, which will lead us to better decisions and more of the same,” says trials legend Martyn Ashton.


Listening to him speak, you wouldn’t think he’s suffered a life changing injury. But since 2013 Martyn has been fighting a battle to get back out there and enjoy the pleasures only two wheels can bring.

Martyn swaps four wheels for two
Martyn swaps four wheels for two: martyn swaps four wheels for two
Robin Kitchin

Gracing the pages of MBUK for the last 20-odd years, starring on covers and appearing in the mag more times than we can count, Martyn is a long-standing companion of the mag.

In the latest issue of MBUK we went riding with Martyn at BikePark Wales to find out what keeps him motivated and positive after his accident. Dislocating his T9 and T10 vertebrae that damaged his spinal cord, Martyn was paralysed from the waist down. But, that hasn’t stopped him from inspiring people to face their adversities and play the cards they’ve been dealt.

Martyn gives it some beans down the trail
Martyn give it some beans down the trail: martyn give it some beans down the trail
Robin Kitchin

Martyn’s positivity and can-do attitude are reflected in his take on life – being interested in mindfulness which helps him to choose to focus on the positive elements in his life have allowed Martyn to propel himself forward to the position he’s in today.

Choosing to focus on the positive not the negative is essential: “That’s what decisions mean – they are destiny and you can only benefit from telling a positive story.”

Martyn has taken something that most of us would find virtually impossible to pick ourselves up from, and turned it around to give him the courage to inspire other people. An incredible feat.

As happy and positive as ever, Martyn is an inspiration
As happy and positive as ever, martyn is an inspiration: as happy and positive as ever, martyn is an inspiration
Robin Kitchin

Biking has come to mean something more to Martyn than it ever has done. “In the second half of my career I became more aware that during a show you’ve got this moment with people, particularly with younger riders, to affect them”, he tells us.

Martyn’s ability to inspire is something he doesn’t take for granted and is always grateful for the chance to help and move other people. Despite Martyn’s great ability to help other people, biking is still something that represents a good time with his mates, though.

“On a personal level it’s about having fun with other riders and everyone there are your mates by default – you’re friends with everyone”, he explains.

Martyn’s famous for his video series Road Bike Party that has more than 25 million combined views!

Martyn ashton – amazing road bike stunt riding

Martyn is an ambassador for Wings for Life Spinal Cord Research Foundation. Join their unique global running event on 8th May and help raise funds to find a cure for spinal cord injury.


To find out more about how we shot Martyn’s cover and whether we managed to keep up with him on the trails grab a copy of MBUK online, in print at your local newsstand or delivered directly to your door…