MET 2019 road and TT helmets

Manta, Trenta 3K carbon and Codatronca highlights

This video was produced in association with MET.


MET’s 2019 helmet range caters to every kind of road rider, including aero lids for sprinters, well-vented all-rounders and a new TT model that’s more versatile than its predecessors. 

MET now offers its Trenta all-rounder with a carbon shell for strength, low weight and, critically, good looks. 

The Manta is an impressively light aero helmet, while the Codatronca is an all-new TT lid that offers a short-tail alternative to the Drone Wide Body, which works better for riders who move their heads around a lot and which offers an improved field of view. 


Watch our video for a quick tour of MET’s 2019 range. 

MET’s 2019 range includes advanced aero and TT options alongside conventional performance all-rounders