Mondraker’s 29er Foxy is fast but pricey — video

First ride video review of Mondraker's Foxy Carbon RR 29

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Mondraker was well-ahead of the long and low craze that’s been sweeping the world of mountain bikes recently, with its Forward Geometry. But it took them a long time to properly embrace 29ers.

It’s come out swinging with the Foxy 29 though, so I took one of its carbon bikes out to the Swiss Alps for an adventure, to see what it’s all about.

First Ride review of the Mondraker Foxy Carbon RR 29

If there’s any place to test out a long-travel 29er, designed to tackle the roughest of trails, then Switzerland has to be near the top of the list. Over the course of six days of riding I covered everything from mega-fast flow to super nadgery tech, and everything in between.

And what did I discover? The Foxy 29 is hugely capable, but if you’re after a sofa-like ride, look elsewhere. This is a bike that likes to be ridden fast and pushes you to your limits. However, if you’ve not got deep pockets, the price might be hard to swallow. 

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I’d like to give a big shout out to Swiss Air, the Switzerland Travel Centre, Allegra, and my guides from Viamala Sportwerkstatt for making the trip possible.