Mount your lights anywhere with the Paul Gino

You don't realise how much you need this in your life

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I for one can’t stand cluttered handlebars, particularly when you include a large distracting light in the mix.

If you suffer from a similar affliction, the Paul Components Gino is likely for you. This nifty little nubbin threads onto any M5 threaded eyelet and allows you to mount your light pretty much anywhere on your bike.

Decluttering bars is not the only appeal of the Gino, by being able to run your light closer to the ground it casts its beam at a much shallower angle which better reveals debris and bumps on the road or trail. This is a far better use of your precious lumens than just shooting them into the retinas of oncoming road users.

Having the light placed low improves the beam pattern drastically
Jack Luke / Immediate Media

The Gino will mount onto any M5 threaded boss — most likely a mudguard or rack eyelet — and comes with a split washer to prevent slippage. At 23g, including the mounting hardware, you won’t be paying a significant weight penalty for considerably better lighting.

It’s worth noting that the Gino is only 26mm in diameter, so you may need to use a shim with clamps designed for 31.8mm bars.

You might need to use a shim with some light clamps
Jack Luke / Immediate Media

In typical Paul style, even something as simple as the Gino is exquisitely machined, with lovely crisp edges, perfect anodizing and the Paul logo lovingly engraved.

This particular Gino is due to be threaded onto the underside of a Dia Compe ENE mini rando rack with an Exposure Revo dynamo light mounted onto it.

I had actually made my own DIY Gino for this light a few months back out of a steerer tube offcut and two top caps. While this worked perfectly well, it was hardly a handsome solution to my quest for better lighting and I’m personally delighted to now have the Gino in my life.

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The Paul Components Gino is available direct for $24 in black or silver, or $30 in a polished finish.