Northwave unveils its latest cycling shoe collection for 2019 — and it doesn’t disappoint

New kids on the block

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Northwave has spent the last 25 years crafting high-performance cycling shoes and there are some very nice surprises in the 2019 range.

As well as renewed top-of-the-range models in both its road and mountain bike shoe range, Northwave is launching its first cycling flat shoe featuring a ‘flat-specific sole system’ — technology that has taken two years to design and perfect.

And following a review of the brand’s trademark XFrame technology, the two-dial version will now be found making an appearance on all of its high-end models.

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Northwave Clan and Tribe

Northwave's introduction of its innovative flat-specific sole system
Northwave’s introduction of its innovative flat-specific sole system

Northwave breaks into the flat shoe market with the introduction of its innovative flat-specific sole system. Co-developed with Michelin Technical Soles, the new soles give grip, traction and durability thanks to a Gecko+ compound — claimed by Northwave to be ‘the stickiest compound on the market’.

There’s also an integrated rubber arch-support that enhances stability on the pedals while increasing impact protection.

Northwave introduces flat shoes to its range, this is the 'Clan'
Northwave introduces flat shoes to its range, this is the ‘Clan’

The first model to feature this technology is Clan. Paired with the Gravity FPS outsole, it gives unprecedented control on pedals, even without clips.

The main difference is down to an adaptive TPU shank with calibrated stiffness inside the sole, which ensures greater control, support and stress response.

Northwave introduces flat shoes to its range, this is the 'Tribe'
Northwave introduces flat shoes to its range, this is the ‘Tribe’

Northwave’s other new flat cycle shoe, Tribe, has been designed for “passionate riders“ who are maybe less technical, but attentive to the stylish and fashionable side of cycling. With its sleek, understated look and suede upper with mesh inserts, Tribe has that urban touch and the shoe is at home on the bike or in the bar.

Designed with a light, breathable upper, reinforced with abrasion-resistant rubber prints on the toe and heel and a padded tongue, these shoes are comfortable yet tough. And the Gravity outsole, made with the Gecko compound, ensures a stable performance on the pedal.

Northwave Extreme Pro

Northwave's top-end road shoe, the Extreme Pro
Northwave’s top-end road shoe, the Extreme Pro

Every cyclist knows that even on a short run, a really great technical solution can make all the difference to a great performance. And the Extreme Pro, the top-end road shoe from the 2019 collection, sets a new benchmark for performance and comfort.

The upper features the new XFrame 2 concept, an evolution of the famous patented XFrame system, but this time has even greater comfort and fit. That’s thanks to a double SLW2 dial to allow custom-fit adjustability and a new-generation microfibre that’s soft without the stretch.

This snug upper is paired with a PowerShape Carbon 15 sole, featuring Northwave’s new PowerShape arch support. It’s completely made in unidirectional carbon and is the stiffest on the market with an index of 15 (the highest in Northwave’s scale).

The patented shape is designed to avoid hard pressure on the sole during the downstroke; optimising power transfer, avoiding any waste of energy, making pedaling smoother and more effective.

Northwave Ghost Pro

The 'Ghost Pro' uses Northwave's new XFrame 2 technology
The ‘Ghost Pro’ uses Northwave’s new XFrame 2 technology

The favoured cross-country shoe of Jolanda Neff has had an impressive update for the 2019 season, with Northwave’s new XFrame 2 technology.

Building on the comfort and support of Northwave’s XFrame, this new addition to the range adopts a softer, new-generation, non-stretch microfibre, and incorporates two SLW2 dials to allow different micro adjustments in the instep and tip areas.

Made from unidirectional carbon fibre, the Hyperlight XC outsole — also co-developed with Michelin Technical Soles — is the outcome of biomechanical studies to develop materials that combine very low weight and extreme rigidity. It is graded 14 in the Northwave stiffness index.

The innovative Dual Layers Compound Technology combines two layers with different characteristics: the first provides maximum flexibility, acting like an independent suspension, while the second is tougher and more resistant, for improved traction and endurance.

Northwave from top to toe

As well as a fantastic range of cycling shoes for 2019, Northwave has a new range of on-bike apparel for the road and trail.

Northwave Sense

Northwave’s new range of Sense apparel will get you noticed
Northwave’s new range of Sense apparel will get you noticed

If you’re looking for an eye-catching look that will get you noticed on the road, Northwave’s new range of Sense apparel, with its unusual cut and striking graphics, should do the trick.

Employing high-end ‘Made in Italy’ Sensitive fabrics, the range of jerseys and bibshorts has a peach-skin feel — something that’s rarely seen in cycling tech garments.

On the jersey, the back, side panels and pockets are made using ultrafine 80g Sensitive Grace fabric, which combines hydrophilic properties for wicking away any sweat with UPF50+ sun protection.

For the front, collar and sleeves, Northwave has chosen a 150g Sensitive Sand Leather fabric with compression and a tight weave, ensuring good protection from cold air even on descents, as well as UPF50 + UVA protection.

As for the bibshorts, the 213g Sensitive Fit St Double fabric provides certified UPF50+ protection, great support and reduced weight, while the denim look adds an unusual and stylish touch.

And for the ultimate comfort, the new Northwave K-Performance pad features three different types of graduated density polyurethane foams, strategically placed to provide support for the sit bones.

Northwave’s All Mountain

The All Mountain range features every category of garments
The All Mountain range features every category of garments

After developing an extensive shoe collection for All Mountain, Northwave has now extended its offer with a collection of clothing conceived and tailored to meet the needs of all riders, from the most daring to those simply looking for relaxed comfort.

The All Mountain range features every category of garments, from jackets to jerseys and trousers, right through to bibshorts, baggies and inner shorts — as well as a complete line designed just for women.


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