Over to you: The N+1 situation… how many bikes do you own?

Be honest now…

Here at BikeRadar, we aren't short of bikes

“I’ve got too many bikes”, words that have certainly never been said in the BikeRadar office. In fact, we are pretty confident that none of the staff here will ever recall hearing such a thing.


Bicycle manufacturers are always doing their best to convince us to conform to the n+1 rule — of course they are, that’s how they make money. The thing is, for some of us, we simply wouldn’t want it any other way.

So, this week’s Over to you revolves around you and how many bicycles you own. Is your bike stored alone or is it part of a greater fleet? Is your shed a clean place to work or a rideable archive of your cycling past? 


Let us know using the poll below, and feel free to document your collection (or lack of) in our comments.

How many bikes do you currently own