Peter Sagan and Specialized launch second Sagan Collection at Tour de France

Limited edition design sees a colour update after first collection sells out in months

Peter Sagan and Specialized have launched the second iteration of the limited-edition Sagan Collection in Cholet ahead of the Tour de France.

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P/S separates the glitter paint on the top tube

The first version of the collection was launched ahead of the Tour of Flanders earlier this year, with the world champion winning Paris-Roubaix aboard one of the bikes a week after the original launch at Paris-Roubaix.

Key design features from the original Sagan Collection are retained for the latest Sagan Collection, although the key update is the switch from gold to teal in the main colour of the design.

Three types of glitter are used in the front section of the paint design, representing the three consecutive world championship titles Sagan has won. On the drive side chainstay, three bands also commemorate the titles and the inside of the bands list Richmond, Doha and Bergen as the cities where the titles were won.

Here you can see the glitter to teal to grey fade

Inspired by Sagan’s love for muscle cars, the glitter-teal design fades to a metallic teal before fading again to grey. Consumer versions of the Sagan Collection will feature black Specialized decals, but Sagan’s race bikes at the Tour de France will feature white decals for maximum brand exposure.

Earlier this week, Specialized launched an updated version of its aero-specific frameset. Sagan will ride the new S-Works Venge Sagan Collection for the first seven road stages (a regular team issue S-Works Shiv TT will be used during stage three), before switching to a rim brake-version of the Sagan Collection S-Works Roubaix for stage nine in northern France.

The mountainous, second part of the Tour de France will ensure Sagan’s Sagan Collection S-Works Tarmac SL6 will get plenty of use during the race too.

Specialized’s Erik Nohlin talks through the three-tone glitter in the Sagan Collection paint

Erik Nohlin, Specialized’s designer for the Sagan Collection said at the launch, “The collection expands beyond just the one bike and it’s really about the bikes of the Tour.

“We have the Venge, the Tarmac and the Roubaix for the cobbles but we also have a kids mountain bike in the Riprock, so we have offerings for every rider.”

Nohlin also explained how the teal design is inspired by the Cote d’Azur where Sagan lives and to remind the three-time world champion of home while racing.

“It’s the second chapter of the Sagan Collection and that’s how we like to see this collaboration between Peter and Specialized Bicycles. It’s the second chapter of the same book. We launched the first chapter of the Sagan collection in the spring where Peter slayed the French cobbles at Roubaix.”

“We have now reached this point in time where it is time to turn the page, we have changed the colours, we are done with the gold, that was a bold statement and we’re proud of that. Now it’s all about the new teal colour. We talked to Peter and he says what he likes, we take that into consideration and we created something for him.”

“This time around we found some good inspiration in Monaco, the Cote d’Azur and the northern Mediterranean in the colours of the waters. The teal and the turquoise is the whole idea and the background of this collection is to remind Peter of home, his family and friends,” Nohlin commented.

The teal-glitter design in the paint design catches the light

The Sagan Collection is a limited run of framesets available to the consumers. Nohlin explained at the launch how the original collection sold out quickly. The teal version of the collection is expected to be equally limited, but we can expect more editions of the Sagan Collection in the future.

“We like this guy, we like what he does on the bike, we like our friendship and we promise you there will be more,” noted Nohlin.

While only Peter Sagan will be issued an S-Works Roubaix, the Sagan Collection available to consumers includes the S-Works Venge, S-Works Tarmac, Specialized Tarmac Comp, Specialized Riprock, S-Works Prevail helmet and S-Works 7 shoes. The S-Works Tarmac and Venge are also available as framesets only, as well as the Specialized Allez Sprint DSW.

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