Polartec Delta: a new tech fabric designed to keep you cool

Harnesses the power of the body's evaporative cooling mechanism

This is a sponsored article, brought to you in association with Polartec.

Polartec supplies ultra-technical fabrics to a number of clothing brands. Last year it showed us Alpha, which was first used by the US military in cold environments, and this year the focus is on Delta, intended to keep you cool in the heat.

The new Delta fabric uses hydrophobic and hydrophillic fibres woven in a radiating pattern to form a 3D structure. The hydrophobic fibres channel the sweat, while the hydrophillic fibres hold on to it. 


The result is, according to Polartec, a fabric that holds moisture next to the skin without feeling wet. This allows air to flow over the surface and enhances the body’s natural evaporative cooling mechanism, which has evolved over millions of year. 

Polartec has developed two Delta fabrics: a technical fabric and a more casual-looking pique fabric. Both are being used by a wide variety of big-name brands such as Rapha, Fox, Norrona and Velocio.

Watch the video to find out more about the tech behind the product, and look out for guest appearances from Ivan Basso and Alberto Contador who both have first hand experience of using Polartec Delta.

Polartec Delta is a tech fabric that keeps you cool and dry