Poppy the trail dog – A compact, short-travel enduro hound

Jon Woodhouse reviews his canine friend

There’s a member of the BikeRadar test team that you’ve probably not heard about. Poppy is only two years old, yet has already been supplying vital feedback for several test products as well as modeling on several BikeRadar photoshoots.


As the official trail dog of BikeRadar’s former Technical Editor, Jon Woodhouse, she’s more familiar with trails than many weekend warriors and is likely to be a lot more stylish than most of them too.


Being a particularly cute blend of Staffordshire Bull Terrier, Jack Russell and Pug, Poppy combines several of the best traits of each breed. In this lighthearted video review, Jon Woodhouse runs through everything from Poppy’s stature and stamina through to her durability and relentless ability to poop.

Poppy the trail dog – a BikeRadar review