power2max drops US pricing by 20%

Competition between power-meter companies continues to heat up

The German power2max company dropped its US prices 20 percent in April

This week power2max North America dropped its prices by about 20 percent for its spider-based power meters, emphasizing the increasing competition between power-meter makers. The entry-level power2max Classic with FSA Gossamer Megaexo cranks is now US$599 and the lighter Type S power meter is US$899. With this move, power2max has undercut Stages, PowerTap and Garmin on their respective entry-level meters. 


Nicolas Theopold, CEO of power2max North America, said the German company’s new US pricing is a function of shifting global currencies.  

“We are happy to pass the benefit of a strong dollar on to our customers,” Theopold said. “At $599 the power2max Classic with FSA Gossamer cranks offers unseen value for money. It’s truly professional quality at amateur prices.” 

There is one cheaper power meter on the market, the US$399 4iiii Precision, but that crank-based option requires sending your crank or crank arm to the company for them to install strain gauges and then return to you.

Stages offers left-crank-based power meters starting at US$699. PowerTap’s hub-based power meters start at US$789. And Garmin’s pedal-based Vector power meter starts at US$899. The market now also includes power meters from the likes of Rotor, SRM, Polar, Pioneer and Quarq.


Power2max offers power-meter spiders with cranks for Rotor, Campagnolo and FSA and spiders without cranks for Specialized, SRAM and Cannondale. All the meters are made in Germany with a claimed +/-2% accuracy. Unlike SRM units, power2max doesn’t require a cadence magnet and riders can change the battery themselves. As with other modern meters like Stages, Garmin and PowerTap, power2max meters have built-in temperature compensation.