Pro Bike: Dave Wiens’ Rotwild R.R2 Team Edition Hardtail

Six time Leadville winner opts for German machinery

When it comes to his personal cross-country race bikes, Dave Wiens has two fairly divergent credos. He doesn’t get wrapped up in the minutiae of finite fit measurements, and he doesn’t like to race bikes with a lot of miles in them. In fact, he didn’t even use his race bike to pre-ride the 2010 Leadville Trail 100 course, instead opting for his “practice” steed.


“In the past, I raced some pretty beat up bikes here,” said Wiens, whose record six-race Leadville winning streak was halted a year ago by seven-time Tour de France champion Lance Armstrong. “But in some of those years I didn’t really have any options. Now I do, so I like to keep my race bike for Leadville pretty fresh. It’s not superstition or anything. I just don’t want to have crashed it or anything like that.”

You’d figure a rider with this sort of Type A leaning would be able to rattle off fit measurements like a 3rd grader reciting the alphabet. But ask Wiens about his saddle height or set back and he just shrugs.

“I really don’t worry about those details,” said the married father of three, who recently took a day job working in orthopaedic sales. “If you get all caught up in a measurement and then you don’t get it, you’ll have bad day just because that’s what’s in your head. I’m not even going to wear a watch [for the race]. Time is going to be irrelevant. I’ll just sit back and see how things unfold.”

Dave wiens and his topeak-ergon team issue rotwild r.r2:
Jason Sumner

Dave Wiens with his machine

As it was, things unfolded fairly well. Wiens held his own during the first half of August 14’s Leadville 100, then faded just a bit, settling for fourth, 17:16 behind Tour de France pro Levi Leipheimer. Not bad for a guy who turns 46 in September.

Carrying Wiens to that top five finish was an essentially brand new Topeak-Ergon team issue carbon Rotwild R.R2 26-inch hardtail, also known as a “German Cycling Device.”

“I don’t know why they put that on the top tube, but it’s definitely a very German accented bike,” said Wiens, adding that he’s got plenty of German in his own heritage as well. “I guess it makes sense that I ride this bike.”

Indeed, this is a german cycling device:
Jason Sumner

As if there was any doubt…

New for 2010, wiens is on a sram drivetrain:
Jason Sumner

Wiens is on a SRAM drivetrain for 2010

Indeed, frame maker Rotwild, brake maker Magura, tire supplier Continental and team title sponsor Ergon all hail from the land of schnitzel and oversized beer steins. But perhaps the biggest newsmaker on Wiens’ bike is the fact that after years riding Shimano components, in 2010 he and his Topeak-Ergon teammates made the switch to SRAM XX.

“The change has been pretty seamless so far,” said Wiens, whose Leadville gearing included a 39×26 crankset paired with an 11×36 cassette. “There aren’t really any secrets with this bike. It’s your basic ultra light hardtail set up with the lightest parts available from the sponsors we have available to us.”

A sexy pair of dt swiss xrc 1250 carbon wheels are set up tubeless with stan’s notubes and mated with 2.2 continental x-king protection tyres:
Jason Sumner

DT Swiss XRC 1250 carbon wheels set up tubeless with Stan’s NoTubes and 2.2 Continental X-King ProTection tyres

Among those parts are a sexy pair of DT Swiss XRC 1250 carbon wheels set up tubeless with Stan’s NoTubes, and mated with 2.2 Continental X-King ProTection tyres.

“If I’m just out riding for fun, I’m on bomber UST tires and running full suspension,” said Wiens, who lives in Gunnison, Colorado, just a 20-minute drive from the mountain biking Mecca of Crested Butte. “But on this course you don’t need much suspension, and I’m pretty cautious on the descents anyway.”

Carbon magura marta sl team edition brake levers provide stopping power:
Jason Sumner

Carbon Magura Marta SL team edition brake levers

Carbon Magura Marta SL team edition brake levers and brakes provide Wiens’ stopping power. A Magura Durin SL Team Edition 80mm fork softens the bumps. A pair of Topeak Shuttle carbon bottle cages provide hydration, and Ergon GX2 carbon grips in limited edition white keep Wiens’ hands comfortable.

“What makes this bike unique for me is that it weighs about 19 pounds without bottles and tools,” said Wiens. “That’s a pretty light bike for a guy who is 6-foot-2, 185 pounds.”

But on a course Wiens called “fast, dry and almost grooved in places,” that is just what the (German) doctor ordered.

Complete bike specifications

  • Frame: Rotwild R.R2 Team Edition Hardtail size Large
  • Fork: Magura Durin SL Team Edition, 80mm
  • Headset: Rotwild
  • Stem: Thomson Elite X4, 120mm
  • Handlebars: TruVativ Noir World Cup Riser, 63cm
  • Tape/grips: Ergon GX2 Carbon, Limited Edition White
  • Front brake: Magura Marta SL, Team Edition
  • Rear brake: Magura Marta SL, Team Edition
  • Brake levers: Magura Marta SL, Team Edition Carbon
  • Front derailleur: SRAM XX
  • Rear derailleur: SRAM XX
  • Shift levers: SRAM XX
  • Cassette: SRAM XX 11×36
  • Chain: SRAM PC-1090
  • Crankset: SRAM XX 39×26, 175mm cranks
  • Bottom bracket: Truvativ GXP Press Fit
  • Pedals: Shimano XTR
  • Wheelset: DT Swiss XRC 1250 Carbon set up tubeless with Stan’s NoTubes
  • Rims: DT Swiss XRC 1250 Carbon
  • Front hub: DT Swiss XRC 1250
  • Rear hub: DT Swiss XRC 1250
  • Spokes: DT Swiss
  • Front tire: Continental X-King 2.2 ProTection
  • Rear tire: Continental X-King 2.2 ProTection
  • Saddle: Terry RSR Team Edition
  • Seat post: Schmolke TLO
  • Bottle cages: Topeak Shuttle Cage Carbon
  • Other accessories: Topeak Aero Wedge Seat Pack, Topeak Race Rocket mini pump

Critical measurements

  • Rider’s height: 1.88m (6′ 2″)
  • Rider’s weight: 84kg (185lb)
  • Saddle height, from BB (c-t): 790mm
  • Saddle setback: 85mm
  • Seat tube length, c-t: 550mm
  • Tip of saddle nose to C of bars (next to stem): 600mm
  • Head tube length: 140mm
  • Top tube length: 620mm
  • Total bicycle weight: 8.9kg (19.7lb)