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Q. What angle should I have my saddle and what height?

Correct saddle height is crucial

Q: What angle should I have my saddle and what height? Different sorts of riders seem to have them all over the place, so what’s right for me?


A: For general riding you should start with your saddle level and in the middle of the rails in terms of fore and aft position. If that puts more pressure on the back or front, then just tip it slightly one way or the other until the pressure goes or at least equalises. Now slide it back and forwards to get the cockpit stretch and weight balance over the wheels that feels right for you.

In terms of height, the most efficient pedalling position is to have the saddle high enough so that your leg is straight when your barefoot heel is sat on the pedal at its lowest point. You might want to drop the saddle a little bit to make it easier to move around when you’re stood up though, while really body-mobile riders such as freeriders, jumpers and downhillers normally drop the seat as low as they can.


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