Q&A – Seatpost solution

I need a seatpost solution for downhills and uphills


Q. I’ve got a bike with just a short tube over the rear shock instead of a proper seat tube. This means if I have the seat post short enough to drop down for descents, it’s too short to pull up to proper pedalling height.


I’ve seen some riders going downhill on a short DH saddle and post and carrying a longer XC set for the pedal back up, but there must be a better solution?

Billy Bobbit, Widnes


A. Interrupted seat tubes can really disrupt your ride if you don’t have the right post. If you’ve got plenty of cash then you can get ultra-convenient ‘self raising’ posts from either Maverick (£150) or Gravity Dropper (£155/120). Titec’s twin telescopic QR locked El Norte Scoper Pro Lite is slightly less convenient but much simpler and cheaper at £50. Like the Maverick it only comes in 30.9mm and 31.6mm sizes though, while the shimmed GD goes from 26.8-34.9mm.