Q&A – Smooth operator

Q. Which bits should I lube and which shouldn't I?

Q&A - Smooth operator

Q: I don’t want my bike to go rusty or seize but I’ve heard grease or WD40 in the wrong place can cause all sorts of problems. Which bits should I lube and which shouldn’t I?


A: There’s only one place which you should absolutely, not under any circumstances lubricate, and that’s any braking surface.

Apart from that, it’s more a case of the right lube in the right place. Chains take the most abuse from weather, debris and general grind. To keep them sweet, lube them after every ride

in the wet and as soon as they start to squeak or chatter otherwise. Get the right chainlube for the conditions too. Sticky ‘wet’ lubes get coated in dust and end up filthy in dry conditions while dry lubes will get washed away and start squealing by the first stream crossing or deep puddle.

Meanwhile, if it’s got grease in – like headset, bottom bracket, suspension pivots and hub bearings have – then just put grease back in (if you can). Don’t spray them with WD40/GT85 or any other lightweight dispersant lube as that’ll dissolve the grease still in there. Also grease the seat post, pedal threads or any other small bolts that might otherwise seize into the frame.


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