Q&A – Top audax tread

Q:What are the best 700c tyres for audax rides?


Q: I was after some advice about the best 700c tyres for audax rides. I’ve been told to use ones around 28mm but other than that, I’m not too sure. Have you reviewed any such tyres recently? If so, which ones came out top? Or what would you recommend? Thanks for your help.


Peter, email

A: The average tyre size for sportives is the 700-23mm size but there is a trend towards using slightly larger 25mm or even 28mm tyres that provide better resistance to pinch punctures. However, there can be tyre clearance issues if mudguards are fitted to the bike.

I recommend the Continental Ultra GatorSkin 700-25mm or, where there is sufficient clearance to accommodate one, the 700-28mm version of this tyre (a good bike shop should be able to tell you whether there is sufficient tyre clearance between your bike’s mudguards and the tread).

The Gators have a tough four-ply construction and the 25mm versions weigh 300g each. The Kevlar belt under the tread is highly effective – I haven’t collected a single puncture in three years of using them on tough terrain.

They cost a very reasonable £16.95 each and the distributor is Cambrian Tyres Tel: 01970 626777, www.conti-tyres. co.uk


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