Q&A – Tougher tyres

What tyres are best for winter weather?


Q. You mention in the Scott Addict R1 test that, although the GP4000 tyres are great, you would swap them for something made of sterner stuff for the winter weather (here in Canada we are still doing battle with winter in the middle of April). Can you suggest some other tyres? I am riding a new Colnago C50 with Mavic Ksyrium ES wheels.


Jim Tyler, Ontario

A. The best tyres for inclement weather and generally for beating around on, are the Continental Ultra GatorSkin 700-25mm. The 25mm version of this tyre will give you greater resistance to pinch flats than your 23mm GP4000 tyres and should slip into your frame – though you may have trouble removing the rear wheel with the tyre fully inflated because of the tight clearances on your Colnago.


The Ultra GatorSkin’s dual compound tread is softer in the sides for cornering grip, and the all-black carcass integrates well with the colour scheme on any bike. Also, while heavier than your GP4000 tyres, they will not adversely affect your perception of speed.