Q&A: Wear and warranty

What can I do to stop the rot?


Q: I’ve recently purchased a new bike and it’s my pride and joy. But while cleaning it after a winter ride I noticed some paint wear underneath my rear gear cable and (painted) drop-out. Should I contact the manufacturer regarding the warranty? What can I do to stop the rot?


Steve Flannegan

A: Chances are, Steve, that the manufacturer will tell you that this is not a warranty issue and that wear will occur between any two tightly placed areas when dirt gets in between them. Fear not though, this is a common problem with a simple fix.

These days, we’ve a product for everything. Frame protection packs offer a range of adhesive patches that can be cut to the desired size to offer subtle yet effective paint protection. Our favourites come from Bike Shield and Pace. The Bike Shield kits are transparent, offer easy installation and removal and spooky self healing properties (kits start from £4.99). The Pace Carbon Armour sets are made out of super bling carbon fibre for all you race heads out there (from £5.95). 


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