Q&A – Wheel advice

Q: What's a good road wheel upgrade?


Q: I have recently taken up road cycling after mountain biking for years and I love it! I purchased a Trek 1400 a few months ago, which seems really good. I have upgraded the brakes, tyres, and so on, and now I’m considering buying some new wheels. I am no racer but do like to train hard three to five times a week on 30- to 50-mile rides.


Can you please advise what models would be best value for money within my price bracket? There are so many brands I don’t know where to start and don’t want to waste money on rubbish. I have between £300 and £500 to spend. Kind regards,

Stu, email

A: The wheels are the most important component in terms of performance, so go for the best you can afford – and by saying the best we don’t necessarily mean the lightest. Assuming that you are of average weight, around 80kg, and require Shimano-compatible wheels, we recommend that you go for Easton Orion 2s. These cartridge bearing wheels are configured with 18 radial front and 24 crossed rear spokes and they have proven to be very reliable in long term testing. The price is £479.99 for a 24/28 spoke set weighing 1477g per pair. For more details, go to www.extrauk.co.uk.

For even greater strength, consider the hand-built option from Pete Matthews. Based on your weight and riding style, Pete can make you a pair based on Hope hubs and Ambrosia rims for £320.


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