Quiz: energy drink or tri bike?

Let’s see if you can tell these 10 apart…

Potency, brute speed and a smattering of mysticism

What do triathlon bikes and fizzy caffeinated drinks have in common? Very similar names, for one thing. The marketing teams seem to favour dynamic, thrusting monikers that hint at potency, brute speed and a bit of mysticism. It’s a heady mix.


As anyone who’s embarked on a lengthy road trip recently will attest, there’s a huge variety of energy drinks for sale at your local convenience store. They usually come in a rainbow of colours, have looks only a mother could love and carry dubious claims implying they’ll make you fly. So not that different from tri bikes, then.


We’ve rounded up a bunch of each to test your knowledge, and test our theory that they’re basically the same thing. Let us know in the comments how you got on!

Energy drink or triathlon bike?