Rated: the 6 best dogs at the Fort William World Cup 2017

We pap the most premium puppers from the pits

While I was primarily tasked with seeking out the best kit at this year’s Fort William World Cup, I couldn’t resist the temptation to also check out the best dogs in this year’s pits.


From the littlest, scruffiest dudes to some seriously sleek and smooth canines, there was a pup for every dog connoisseur out there.

So, in the spirit of WeRateDogs, I’ve rated each of these prime pups, and highlighted what makes them some of the best four legged friends out there.

1. Polygon pup

This was the smartest doggo of the bunch, climbing stairs and wagging tails to please fans
Jack Luke / Immediate Media

This premium dog friend had a great weekend; running free and sniffing out the best butts from all around the pits.

He’s also incredibly smart, with head Polygon mechanic Hugues delighting in showing off his pooch’s ability to climb ladders.

A solid 18/10.

2. Smooth brown dude

This perfect pup looks like an ideal trail buddy
Jack Luke / Immediate Media

This keen bean was spotted outside the Fox tent and looks clever enough to remind you if you’d forgotten to unlock your fork at the top of a run.


3. GoPro squish fluffer

Quiet and not actually a dog, but undoubtedly low maintenance
Jack Luke / Immediate Media

This guy — showcasing GoPro’s coveted dog harness — didn’t have much to say about the weekend’s results, but is probably the lowest maintenance of the lot.


4. Chilled out smooth boy

Enjoying the sun when possible was the key to having a good weekend and this guy was doing it in style
Jack Luke / Immediate Media

There’s no doubting that enjoying the brief periods of sun was vital to having the best weekend possible at Fort William, and this cool ol’ dude was doing it in style.


5. Best scruffer

Size doesn’t matter, how scruffy you are does
Jack Luke / Immediate Media

Being a little dude has some disadvantages at a race; primarily being missed by all but the most observant spectators and not being able to see all the action on the course.

However, being cute does have its advantages, as everyone instantly falls in love with you and wants to be your best friend.

A definite 17/10.

6. Five Ten friend

Eyes that would break even the steeliest heart
Jack Luke / Immediate Media

While this great Collie can’t tell us much about Five Ten’s lineup, her deep brown eyes would melt the heart of even the most serious racer.

A well earned 15.10/10


Did we miss any particular good dogs at this year’s World Cup? Remember you can now share your photos in the comments below!