Ravemen PR1200 blasts out the lumens – intelligently

Digital battery-life display adds peace of mind

There are three cool things about the Ravemen PR1200 headlight: a digital battery display, a great price, and a dual-LED configuration with a rectangular flood light and a circular high beam.


Ravemen has a few different headlight models, but the PR1200 – for 1,200 maximum lumens – is the top end. At $99 / £99, it is highly price competitive. 

With two distinct beams, you can flood the immediate area around you and still have great visibility up the road
Ben Delaney / Immediate Media

Ravement PR1200 highlights

  • dual LEDs: a close-range flood light and a longer-range circular light
  • LED display of runtime – changes for each brightness level
  • remote button
  • functions as a battery pack with USB port
  • 1,200 lumens on highest setting (2hr) down to 100 lumens on economy (21hr)
Similar to a car’s lights, the PR1200 has one low rectangular beam that illuminates your path without blinding oncoming traffic. The other beam shoots further down the road
Ben Delaney / Immediate Media

Double-barrel operation

Taking cues from auto headlights, the Ravemen PR1200 has two lamps with two distinct functions. A rectangular flood beam illuminates the immediate area without blinding oncoming traffic. And a circular high beam lights up the road or path further ahead. Both can be toggled through various levels of brightness.

There are two buttons on top. Both are illuminated when on, so you can find them easily in the dark.

One button turns the light on and toggles between single-beam and dual-beam operation. The other adjusts brightness levels.

Some lights have a green/yellow/red indicator for battery life; this solution is far superior
Ben Delaney / Immediate Media

As you change modes, a digital readout tells you how much battery you have on that particular setting.

While many lights – including some of the cheaper Ravemen models – have color-coded battery indicators, this specific read-out is far superior and confidence inspiring.


The ‘1200’ in the product title indicates its max lumen output of 1,200, which is enormous and on par with a car’s high beam. 

Micro USB in, USB out

The lithium ion battery recharges via a micro USB, which is fairly standard. What’s cool is the fact that you can use the light as a battery pack to charge your phone or bike computer via the USB port.
Ravemen also has a PR900 that operates the same way but with a max output of, you guessed it, 900 lumens, and a price of $84 / £84.
Further, you can also use the included bar-mounted remote to increase or decrease brightness without taking your hands off the bars
Ben Delaney / Immediate Media