#readersrides – from the forum

A selection of our community's finest bikes

One thing true about almost everyone who comes to BikeRadar is that we have (or are at least looking to get) a bike. And many of us – rightly so – are very proud of what we ride.


So much so that we’re willing to share pics of our beautiful machine and brag about it to others. Come on, don’t we all do it? Well here’s a batch of your latest rides, picked out from the 6,000 plus shown off in our community forum.

Want to share your bikes with us and the rest of the community? Roadies go to your road bikes; mtb nuts go to your mountain bikes.

To kick things off, here’s Napoleon D’s Ribble Winter.

NapoleonD's Ribble Winter
NapoleonD’s ribble winter: napoleond’s ribble winter
NapoleonD/Immediate Media Co.

Sigorman85‘s beautiful De Rosa here.

Sigorman85's De Rosa
Sigorman85’s de rosa:
Sigorman85/Immediate Media Co.

This is Buddy_club’s Voodoo Bizango. What do you reckon?

Buddy_club's Voodoo Bizango
Buddy_club’s voodoo bizango: buddy_club’s voodoo bizango
Buddy_club/Immediate Media Co.

And another mtb hit: Nairnster’s On One 45650b.

Nairnster's On One 45650b
Nairnster’s on one 45650b: nairnster’s on one 45650b
Nairnster/Immediate Media Co.

Meanwhile, here’s The_Secret_Rider’s first road bike – A Carrera TDF 2014.

The Secret Rider's first road bike: a Carrera TDF
The secret rider’s first road bike: a carrera tdf: the secret rider’s first road bike: a carrera tdf
The Secret Rider/Immediate Media Co

This is Bikingjohn‘s smart 2015 Trek Domane 4.5 Disc.

Bikingjohn's 2015 Trek Domane 4.5 Disc
Bikingjohn’s 2015 trek domane 4.5 disc: bikingjohn’s 2015 trek domane 4.5 disc
Bikingjohn/Immediate Media Co.

And this is Bendertherobot’s Planet X XLS Flanders. Nice, eh?

Bendertherobot's Planet X XLS Flanders
Bendertherobot’s planet x xls flanders: bendertherobot’s planet x xls flanders
Bendertherobot's/Immediate Media Co.

Back to mtb and here’s Christurbo’s lovely Orange Five Pro

Christurbo's Orange Five Pro
Christurbo’s orange five pro: christurbo’s orange five pro
Christurbo/Immediate Media Co.

Finally, Oxoman’s Giant Trance 27.5 SX 2015.

Oxoman's Giant Trance 27.5 SX 2015
Oxoman’s giant trance 27.5 sx 2015: oxoman’s giant trance 27.5 sx 2015
Oxoman's/Immediate Media Co.