Retro: Geoff Ringlé’s Yeti ARC AS/Lt

Rare piece of '90s downhill tech

This piece of retro mountain bike tech comes to us via and Mountain Biking UK.


It’s a tragedy when classic bikes are lost to cobweb-lined sheds and junk-filled garages, so it’s lucky there’s a committed community of retro-fettlers out there. Particularly so when the bike in question is a Yeti ARC AS/Lt. Leaving this to rust would have been abominable!

This ultra-rare super bike is owned by Nick Jones, who’s a personal friend of component pioneer Geoff Ringlé. He rebuilt frame #003 with a load of period parts and a healthy dose of ano purple as a tribute to the man himself.

Perhaps the most impressive part of the build is the front end, which features a Penske (the famous IndyCar team) upside-down fork and a carbon fibre rotored Grafton cable disc brake. This bike was truly at the cutting edge of mid-’90s downhill racing technology.

Geoff ringlé’s yeti arc as/lt
Geoff Waugh

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