Rolling the dents out of a steel frame is incredibly satisfying to watch

This Youtube restoration hack is probably magic

There’s something immensely satisfying about watching something old and damaged get a new lease on life, so take a few minutes to watch this video showing how to roll dents out of steel frame.


Recorded by Youtuber RJ The Bike Guy, it demonstrates the deceptively simple process of smoothing down impact damage using an old Moser steel frame.

After a liberal application of grease, the Moser is clamped in a vice between aluminium blocks with cut-outs sized for the tubing.

The ‘before’ shot shows a nasty dent in the top tube.

Some gradual tightening and back and forth movements smooth the high points caused by the dent, greatly reducing its severity and making the tubing round again.

This trick won’t remove a dent completely, but if you were to fill and paint over the remaining depression it should be possible to disguise it completely.

RJ cautions that this process only works on steel, and that paint damage is more or less inevitable, but for a restoration where you’re planning a full respray anyway, it makes perfect sense.


Have you got an old abused frame lying around that deserves a fresh start? Why not give it a go?