3D maps, video overlays and more on new Strava app directory

Strava highlights 200 of the 18,000 apps based on its API

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Strava has become such a social media behemoth that it has spawned an entire ecosystem of apps based on its API (application program interface). So today Strava announced its new App Directory, which showcases 200 of the 18,000 apps that present Strava data in various ways.

I have enjoyed a few of the Strava-based apps, like VeloViewer for 3D elevation presentations of my rides, or, back before Garmin decided to really acknowledge that Strava was a thing, Tapiriik, which synced my data between Garmin Connect, Strava and TrainingPeaks.

VeloViewer crunches your Strava data and spits out all sorts of fun graphics

One funny one that popped up recently is Earn Your Name, which looks at your Strava data and gives you a nickname. (It called me ‘Winnebago.’ That’s just not friendly!)

Here are a few others in the Strava App Directory.


  • Velo Viewer – various 3D representations of your rides 
  • Cycliq – overlays your Strava data on Fly12 video clips
  • Storyteller – constructs a story around your Strava data
  • Relive – creates 3D videos of your rides, including stats and photos you posted on Strava



  • Wattsboard – power-meter training analysis
  • My Wind Sock –   weather forecasts and histories, including wind conditions when KOMs were set (UK TT riders, check this one out)
  • Segment Ninja –  pairs segments with wind forecasting to show KOM/QOM hunters when and where they might win
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Check out the full list on Strava.com/apps. And hey, why not join BikeRadar’s Strava Club?