Adventure Cycling’s US map network tops 41,000 miles

Bicycle touring as healthy as ever, groups says

Adventure Cycling's Route Network comprises more than 41,000 miles of bike-friendly routes

Adventure Cycling Association is a nonprofit organization that helps people travel by bicycle across the US through creating bike-friendly route information, guided tours and more. The ACA today announced that its fiscal year budget hit $4.95 million for the fiscal 2012, with an all-time membership high of 45,225 people.


This year the Adventure Cycling Route Network hit 41,420 miles, the largest mapped network of bike-friendly routes in the world, according to the group.

Adventure Cycling’s Routes & Mapping Department links together rural roads to create low-traffic bike routes through some of the nation’s most scenic and historically significant terrain. The project began in 1976 with the TransAmerica Bicycle Trail.

Research for Adventure Cycling’s next long-distance route, Bicycle Route 66, was finished this year as well. The complete route will be approximately 2,500 miles, with maps will be available in late 2014.

Adventure Cycling also experienced a record-setting year in tours, with some 1,275 cyclists participating in more 50 guided tours.


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