Bow to Stratford Cycle Superhighway welcomed

London Cycling Campaign "delighted" with much of planned CS2 extension

The proposed cycle lane for Stratford High Street, London

The London Cycling Campaign say they are “thrilled” to see that the new Cycle Superhighway from Bow to Stratford will include a long section of segregated cycle track, in line with their Love London, Go Dutch campaign principles. Transport for London have just opened their consultation on the proposed route, and cyclists are invited to make their views known.


The Superhighway will head down Stratford High Street, where cyclists currently have to mix with fast moving traffic. The new design “reallocates road space from motor vehicles to bicycles, giving you space to cycle in comfort and safety”, say the LCC. Despite some concerns about negotiating a one-way system, the LCC believe “this could soon be the best cycle route in London”.

In particular, the LCC are pleased that the cycle tracks are wide enough to allow overtaking, catering for riders of different abilities to cycle side by side. At certain points, the cycle tracks are routed behind bus stops, so cyclists don’t have to negotiate fast motor traffic when buses stop ahead of them.

Four Cycle Superhighways are currently open, in part or full, in London:

  • CS2 Bow to Aldgate
  • CS3 Barking to Tower Gateway
  • CS7 Merton to the City
  • CS8 Wandsworth to Westminster

The CS2 extension and CS5 route from New Cross Gate to Victoria are due to open in 2013.